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ient for sleeping children. In addition, his group and other grou▓ps around the world are working on other oral appliances that will replace the mask and PAP ▓treatment.Nonetheless, Dr. Xu, Beijing Children's Hospital chief physician, warns that she ▓is meeting t

oo many parents who look for a fast cure to thei▓r child’s sleep apnea and they rush them ▓into surgery even without a proper diagnosis, potentially putting their children unnecessarily at risk.Bringing innovation to treatmentA child going to surgery places faces a greater risk of ▓harm than an adult would. Although Dr. Gozal noted his patients - ch

ions.Dr. Gozal t

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ildren - who undergo ▓surgery are treated with special care wh▓en they arrive at his sleep clinic in Chicago, he’s careful to make t

he right ▓diagnosis beforehand.His sleep lab conducts blood an▓d urinary testing, as well as observin▓g the patient in sleep. Mild form

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